Membership Form for Fendrich Men's Club

Please Print Clearly

Name: ________________________________________

Mailing Address:________________________________

City: _______________ State: ______ Zip Code ______

Email Address: ________________________________

Phone: _____________________

I will attend the Spring Banquet kick-off on March 13th.  Yes   No  (Circle one)

I will have a test joining me at the Spring Banquet. ( I have included $10 for my guest)

Mail check for Membership ($60) and guest ($10 if one attends) payable to Fendrich Men's Club with this application form to:

Fendrich Golf Course

1900 East Diamond Ave.

Evansville, IN 47711

Attn: Men's Club

Starting Tees  for 2018

Blind Bogey Guidelines


 Blue - Under 60    White - 60 - 69  Yellow - 70 and older  Red - Ladies

Blind Bogey

The blind bogey system allows members without an established handicap to create a handicap prior to the start of weekly tournaments.  Handicaps would be created after 5 - 18 hole rounds recorded.  Scores need not be only at Fendrich.  All members will have a chance to win weekly prizes in a blind bogey tournament.

How a blind bogey tournament will work.

You pick your own handicap (BEFORE YOU PLAY) and post it on one of the tournament sheets under the handicap along with your name.  You are trying to attain a net score between 70 and 80.  If the number matches your net score, you are the winner of a prize.  Prizes may be picked up at the proshop or at the next monthly meeting.

blind Bogey Tournament Weeks:

March 20-26; March 27- April2; April 3-9; April 10-16; April 17- 23

Fendrich Men's Club

1900 Diamond Avenue    Phone: (812) 435-6070

Format for 2018 Weekly Tournaments 

Starting April 24th

*You MUST sign up prior to each round.

*You may only post one round each week (Tuesday through Monday) and this          must be the round that you originally signed up to post.

*You MUST validate the score is correct and the scorecard is signed by a member playing in your group.  The score must be entered hole by hole on the posted tournament sheet.  Enter the gross score only in computer and put your scorecard in the Men's Club Box to be eligible for weekly prizes.


*Any weekly winnings may be taken in by one of the following:

English Pro Shop Gift Certificates

Sand Trap Certificates

Sponsor Gift Certificates

You may let the certificates accumulate for a later purchase.

Flights and Handicaps:

A Flight: 0 up to 7

B Flight: 8 to 14

C Flight: 15 to 18

D Flight: 19 and above

Up to 22 weekly tournaments and the prizes will be distributed as follows:

*$15 low gross in each flight

*$10 low net in each flight

$9 through $2 (8 winner, all net) based on participation in each flight

New this year- Each week one non winner will be entered in a drawing to win up to $25 in sponsor gift certificate of their choice.

​Based on the club finances, the board has the right to make adjustments as needed to keep the Men's Club in solid financial position

All prizes must be picked up by October 8, 2018.

Decisions on prizes can be relayed through Dave Drake in the pro shop.​​