Congratulations to Don Shull for winning our 2017 Senior Club Championship.  We paid 42 spots for our championship.  The winners were determined by the greatest amount a player may win in their flights, or by age division.Flights take precident over age divisions.  Other than the club champion, no player may win more than one spot.
Club Champion - Don Shull
A Flight
Low Gross - Don Shull
Low Net - John Baburnich
2nd Gross - Britt Reddington
2nd Net - Jim Zeller
3rd Gross - Mike Tabor
3rd Net - Keith Bagby
B Flight
Low Gross - Terry Martin (by playoff)
Low Net - Jess Shelby
2nd Gross - Jim Landmark
2nd Net - Randy Miller
3rd Gross - Herb Sabelhaus
3rd Net - Steve Wagner
4th Gross - Reid Schnell
4th Net - Randy Beachler
5th Gross - Tom Kopshever
5th Net - Dick VanZant
C Flight
Low Gross - Kris Ploetz
Low Net - William Phillips
2nd Gross - Ricky Thomas
2nd Net - Tom Frye
3rd Gross - Ron Sartore
3rd Net - Glen Hoover
4th Gross - Steve Dickinson
4th Net - Steve English
5th Gross - David Chamberlain
5th Net - Stan Clarkson
6th Gross - Roy Foertsch
6th Net - Jim Gerhardt
D Flight
Low Gross - Dick Flick
Low Net - Gary Miller
2nd Gross - Jim Halle
2nd Net - Jim Neidig
3rd Gross - Ken Hagan
3rd Net - Ken Hart
Gross - Romey Garrison
Net - Bill Bodeker
Gross - Bryan Compton
Net - John Friend
70 and Up
Gross - Steve Pritchett
Net - Tom Borries

Here are the results of our Fall Scramble:

1st Place with a score of 61
Bryan Compton
William Phillips
Dave McGuire
Ken Hart

2nd Place with a score of 63
Don Underwood
Tony Fleming
Jeff Puckett
Randy Beachler

3rd Place with a score of 65
Roger McGary
Ken Hagan
Brad Nash
Joe Givens



Flight A

     1st Place:     Phillip Riggs  with a score of 128

     2nd Place:    Scott Alpers

     Low Net:      Brian Ulrich

Flight B

​     1st Place:     Dave Meyer

     2nd Place:    Jason Pharr

     Low Net:       Terry Martin

Flight C

     1st Place:     Ricky Thomas

     2nd Place:    Mike Pharr

     Low Net:       Dave Swain

Flight D

     1st Place:     Jim Schmidt

     2nd Place:    Ken Hagan

     Low Net:       Bucky Nall


A players

Phillip Riggs

Ty Swisher

Scott Alpers

​Byran Compton


Mike Tabor

Rick Voyles

B players

Brian Ulrich

Yao Ming Gong

Neal Boughton

Dave Meyer


Jason Pharr

Steve Meyer

C players

Ricky Thomas

Terry Martin

Danny Kappler

David Swain


Derek Rohner

Troy Manlove

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