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The weather for the Par 3 Challenge couldn't have been any better! Thanks to all who participated in the event.  The event was flighted by blind drawing one of the nine holes. We had a non-participant draw for flighting, and she drew the front nine.

All of the winning prizes are at the pro shop and you may pick them up at any time.  The results are listed below and attached.

We had only one skin winner which was for hole number #4. Dave Swain, Terry Martin, Jason Pharr, and Matt Huff.

We had three flights with the winners receiving a $25 gift certificate each, second place receiving a $15 gift certificates each, and third place receiving a $5 gift certificates each.
1st Flight
Winner - Danny Kappler, Tom Wuerth, Troy Manlove, and CR Leonard
Second - Dave Swain, Terry Martin, Jason Pharr, and Matt Huff
Third - Rick Voyles, Mike Tabor, Brian Ulrich, and Rick Tenison
2nd Flight
Winner - Jim Landmark, Roger Neidig, Jay Inman, and Steve Williams
Second - Gary Miller, Brian Hardin, Wallace, and Josh Chamberlain
Third - Ricky Thomas, Mike Pharr, Jerry Paul, and Matt Antey
3rd Flight
Winner - Glen Hoover, Stan Clarkson, Gailen Byrum, and Danny Barr
Second - Bill Boedeker, Jim Boedeker, Greg Quehl, and Chris Stratman
Third - Roger McGary, Bill Wargel, Larry McDonald, and Bruce Jourdan 

Closest to the hole
1. Steve Taber
2. Ray Vigurs
3. Dave Swain
4. Terry Martin 
5. Matt Antey
6. Jay Inman
7. Rick Tenison
8. Don Moore
9. Rick Voyles

10. Dave Swain
11. Jerry Paul
12. Terry Martin
13. Larry McDonald
14. Roger Neidig
15. Dave Swain
16. Steve Taber
17. Terry Martin
18. Kevin Keach



Fendrich Men's Club

We had 10 teams (40 golfers) for our couples outing!  A big thanks to Jay Inman for running the event, and to Gary Miller for grilling... and to Gary's wife for the awesome baked beans!
Winners of each flight earned a $20 gift certificate each. Second place won $15 each, and 3rd won $5 each.
Closest to the hole for #11 (Men) was Rick Voyles
Closest to the hole for #15 (Ladies) was Carol Stalion

First Flight:
Winner - Jason Pharr, Kelsey Burk, Jason Senning, and Amber Sattler
Second - MIke Tabor, Rosie Tabor, Rick Voyles, and Cathy Graper
Third - Glen Hoover, Cathy Hoover, Stan Clarkson, and Lyn Clarkson

Second Flight:
Winner - Richard Higgins, Laura Clem, Biller Miller, and Joan Miller
Second - Welby Carpenter, Linda Carpenter, Terry Zahn, and Linda Zahn
Third - Mike Keach, Susan Keach, Mike Whoberry, and Thelma Whoberry
Thanks to all who participated!
Terry Martin

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